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Geert Vanden Wijngaert is a belgian professional photographer living and working in Brussels.


On April 1, 1995 he started working as a freelance photographer for local newspapers and magazines. After traveling to Pakistan in September 1996 he became fulltime freelancer for Belga Press Agency in Brussels. He also made several socially inspired travel documentaries for belgian weekly P-Magazine and published in different national and international newspapers and magazines.


In 2001, Geert left Belga Press Agency to start working for The Associated Press in Brussels, covering international politics (european institutions, Nato,...), sports (football, tennis, cycling...) as well as daily news.

In 2002 and 2003, Geert won the Nikon Photo Press Award for best “News Photo". In 2017 he was awarded the "Political Image of the Year" award.

After 18 fantastic years he left the Associated Press in 2019 and started working  for Bloomberg Media. Two years later, Geert restarted freelancing for the Associated Press.


Geert also does assignments for national and international newspapers and magazines and is involved in architecture, interior and corporate projects.





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